Thursday, 4 July 2013

Light and shade in pencil Drawing

Light and shade

   Light and shade is a very esssential feature of a picture.An artist should have a clear picture of light and shade concept based on mood,situation and time shown in the picture.For a sunny day,at 12 pm say,the shadows of people would be short and thick,at the same time shades will be sharp and short.But in an evening time,shadows will not be sharp,it will be faded out and opacity will be less, also it will be lengthier than the same seen in 12 pm time.It can be depicted via some pictures.This reprecents basic ideas of light and shade.

For the picture of a sculpture,shading conrast is dependant on its surface ans well as light falled on it.Here is an example.


Here we can see that shading is not done in the normal way as it should be done for a cloth shade,rather it is showing as it is done on stone.Rendering the image from background can be seen in this pic,which I have drawn 4 years earlier.
We can talk about shadows on next out!!!....

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