Friday, 28 June 2013

Drawing Tips:Fundamentals

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Technical aspects of drawing includes several factors.Composition,perspective,color combination of the situation and so on.
Drawing a face we leraned from my previous post.A drawing of entire human figure again depends on sex,age,features etc.
We will talk about anatamical features later,after completing technical aspects of drawing.These criteria is common even for portrait paintings also.

First and formost thing in artistic drawing is creation of a space inside the drawing sheet for your characters and environment should project.This includes determining where we need to place Characters,which portion should have maximum attraction,Viewing angle determination,Importance of background rendering etc.For an example,Please find below composition example for a Drawing.Here street is on left side and tree is on rihght side.We can draw this in opposite way also.And again,we can render street in the middle also.
Putting figure in the comosition is also a talented,creative task.

2.Viewing angle
For this picture,viewing angle is elevation:same as straight eyesite.We can have different viewing angle for the street also,like a top view,looking from the top of the tree.or elevated view,if we are looking from a lower attitude.

The size versus distance relation should be maintained in every picture.Size of a human being will always be less than half the length of a tree,but again if the human is very near to our view and tree is at a distance,that matching can be different.In the example picture shown above,Electrical posts are arranged in such a way that concept of perspective vision of human eye is clear.Even if all electric posts have same size,depending on distance,in a propotion of distance of eyesite of user to the compositon,It varies.

I can upload scanned images for every example and show in a more friendly way in upcoming posts..Watch out..!!

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