Friday, 5 July 2013

Light and shade

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Light and Shade

For every picure,evenif its not under sun light,have a light contrast and shade all the time.Surface irregularities and smoothness can not be shown via same kind of shading.Hence shading itself changes with surfaces also.We uses different colours  to draw shadows and shades.Shapes should be rendered from shades for a picture with prominent shading effect.

Normally colors like violet,Brown,Brown and blue combinations can express shades.

Reflection shadows are those get reflected in smooth floor,water etc,Here we can see the color of the water itself is changing,Hence these surfaces takes the color of its background.

As an example,see the picture above which I have drawn.Here water takes green color as it is inside the greenary.But sunrays do not let it reflect like a mirror.Also,movements of water inside the river/lake causes the imperfections in these shadows.Based on light intensity and force of flow of water,look also changes.

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