Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Pencil Drawing:Features of face

Pencil Drawing

Pencil and charcol usually used to draw pencil drawings.As a beginner it is always suggested to learn pencil drawng before hands on to dealling with colors.

Body Parts:Face...


Eye drawing is very important and accuracy should be maintained.Normally with HB,2B pencils we draw eye and its shades..
We need to leave the paper white whereever light touches the eye,and softly darken other places.Cornia should be darker than the other eyeball parts.eyelidsshould be clear and shaped.Picture of an eye is as shown.
It is very easy to draw an ear,The shade can be little more soften than eye.Our observation should be there in every picture.It is better to draw first by looking at the photo of these oragans,hence,we will get a clear idea of the same.

Nose and its position wrt. to angle of view
 is very important for a face.It is like a big bowl
merged with two symmetrical small bowls
.line should be clear and shading is done over it.

Lips drawing is very important and so attractive since it has so many options to try.with mouth closed/opened with/without toung/teenth.How ever the shape of lips should be clear for artist.Upper lips is thinner but sharper as compared to lower lips.

We already learned drawing  face.

Next we can learn how to draw different figures,based on the actions.We should be well clear about the anatomy of a man/woman and measures should also be correct for the size of organs.Anatomy varies with age,sex,body nature,lean/fatness etc.We will meet soon with this...

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