Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Portrait Tips:Selecting a portrait

Hello all,
There are several things we need to take care well before drawing and selecting a porttrait

1.Where it needs to be fitted.

It can be light colored wall,outdoor,dark background,etc.Based on the color scheme of the backgorund we need to select portrait.

2.Tools used.

We can use Oil paintings,Watercolors,Drawings etc based on the selected platform.For example ,The picture"Horse"given in the previous post is made to be fitted on an offwhite wall and it is a brush stick style of watercolor painting,for projecting it better.

3.Aspect Ratio

Proper aspect ratio which will enhance the viewing easyness we have to take care of.16*10 is a very common aspect ratio for landscape pictures.It is in the opposite way for portraits.

These are very important aspects if we consider the view of an artist in drawing a picture.

I can provide more update on this in next post...Watch out...!!!!

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